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fresh ink broadcasts

February 17: Premieres

Krzysztof Penderecki Sonata No. 2, 1999 (DG)
Charles Van Tassel Von, 2018 (SU Orchestra)
Olafur Arnalds Momentary; Nyepi (Mercury)

February 24: Zealot Canticles

Lansing McLoskey Zealot Canticles (on writings of Wole Soyinka), 2017 (Innova)

March 3: Women’s Work

Reena Esmail Teen Murti, 2013 (Innova)
Dominick DiOrio Stravinsky Refracted, 2015 (Innova)
Sven-David Sandstrom The Giver of Stars, 2015 (Innova)
Stacy Garrop My Dearest Ruth (Cedille)
Derrick Wang You are Searching in Vain for a Bright-Line Solution, from Scalia/Ginsburg (Cedille)
Patrice Michaels New York, 1961 (Cedille)
Patrice Michaels Dissenter of the Universe: Five Opinions and a Comment (Cedille)

March 10: Murmurations

Derek Bermel Murmurations, 2015 (Innova)
Marcus Maroney Concerto for Chamber Orchestra, 2016 (Innova)
Paul Lansky Talking Guitars, 2014 (Bridge)

March 17: Music Inspired By ...

Howard Boatwright Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis; I will lift up mine eyes; We sing to God, the Mighty Source (Performer)
Aaron Travers Virginia: The West, 2013 (Innova)
Paul Lansky The Long and Short of It, 2015 (Bridge)

March 24: Fantasies

Anthony DiLorenzo Jabberwocky, 2014 (Innova)
Claude Baker Hor che'l ciel e la terra, 2014 (Innova)
Randall Woolf Punching the Clock, 2015 (Starkland)
Jason Kessler Dadgadafunk (Composer)
Diego Davidenko Lost in Japan (Composer)

March 31: In Flight

John Gibson In Flight, 2015 (Innova)
Jonathan Russell Sextet, 2010 (Starkland)

past broadcasts

February 10, 2019: Suites for the Sweet

Bright Sheng Two Folk Songs from Qinghai: Morningstar Lily, A Pair of Mules (Naxos)
Chen Yi Suite, 2004 (BMOP)
Philip Glass Liquid Days; In the Arc of Your Mallet (ARC)
Ryan Chase Stargazer (Constellations, Meteor Shower, Moon rise, Time lapse), 2015 (SNM)

February 3, 2019: Dreamscapes

Mark Olivieri Tilt, 2015? (SNM)
Olafur Arnalds They sink; Re-Member (Mercury)
Karim Al-Zand Visions from Another World, 2008 (Innova)
David Baker Blues (Deliver My Soul)? (Cedille)
Billy Childs Incident on Larpenteur Avenue (Cedille)

January 27, 2019: Folk Roots

Chen Yi Xian Shi, 1983 (BMOP)
Nicole Chamberlain Percolate (MSR)
Alexander Zhuk Ukrainian Rhapsody (SC)
Myroslav Skoryk Three Extravagant Dances (SC)
Invoke Quartet Souls in the mud (Invoke)

January 20, 2019: Offerings

Robert Gibson Offrande, 1996 (Innova)
Philip Glass Hymn to the Sun (Akhnaten) arr. Shalom Goldman (ARC)
Missy Mazzoli Still Life with Avalanche, 2009 (SNM)
Kevin Ernste Chorale (Tribute to Stucky), 2018 (SNM)
Danny Clay Toy Piano Music, 2012; Travesty (Invoke Quartet)

January 13, 2019: Mysterious Universe

David Schober Curiosity, 2011; All Creation Sings Praise, 20009; O day full of grace, 2006 (Naxos)
Chen Yi Spring in Dresden, 2005 (BMOP)
Robert Gibson Night Music, 2002 (Innova)
Nicole Chamberlain Mintaka (from Orion's Belt), 2014 (MSR)
Mykola Lysenko Overture to the opera "Taras Bulba" (SC)

January 6, 2019: Dialogues

Robert Gibson Twelve Poems, 2004 (Innova)
Paul Reale Concerto "Dies Irae", 2015 (MSR)
Cort Lippe/Esther Lamneck Prelude (Innova)
Philip Glass How all Living Things Breathe (ARC)

December 30, 2018: This Immensity

William Albright Sweet 16ths (MSR)
Andrew Wright Paean (MSR)
Murray Boren Movements from the Liturgical Dance, 1995 (MSR)
Edward Smaldone L'infinito, 2013 (Naxos)
Chen Yi Fiddle Suite for Huqin and String Orchestra, 1997 (BMOP)

December 23, 2018: Canticles and Lullabies

Jakob Ciupinski Edo Lullaby, 2018 (AVIE)
Bruce Saylor Missa Constantiae, 2007; Ave Maria, 2003 (Naxos)
Jeff Beal Canticle, 2017 (Bis)
Bob Chilcott Grace/The Clean Platter, The Pie, Christmas Day, 1666 (Centaur)
Morten Lauridsen Contre qui, rose (Centaur)
Gabriela Lena Frank Ccallanan Maria, 2004 (Innova)
Aaron Kernis Ecstatic Meditations, 1999 (I. Effortlessly Love Flows) (Innova)

December 16, 2018: Cymbeline

Charles Fussell Cymbeline, Drama after Shakespeare, 1996 (BMOP)

December 9, 2018: House of Cards

Jeff Beal Selections from House of Cards, 2018 (Bis)

December 2, 2018: Dream Dialogs

Kenneth Froelich Symphony No. 7: Dream Dialogs (Ablaze)
Lowell Liebermann Nocturne No. 9, Op. 97, 2006; Nocturne No. 11, Op. 112, 2010; Two Impromptus, Op. 131, 2016 (MSR)

November 25, 2018: Scenes From Home, Part II

Gregg Welcher Prelude and Fugue, 2018 (SNM)
Sachin Shukla Night Walks, 2018 (SNM)
Mons Leidvin Takle Young Spirit, 2017; Heart of Peace, 2007; Power of Life, 2007 (SNM)
Emmanuel Sikora Preluditto for organ, 2018 (SNM)
Carson Cooman Toccata, 2018 (SNM)
Conor Abbott Brown Early Winter Spires, 2015 (MSR)
Andrew Hallady Four Scenes from Our Aspen Grove, 2008 (MSR)

November 18, 2018: Scenes From Home, Part I

Emmanuel Sikora Nocturne No. 19, 2018 (SNM)
Alexandria Kemp Suffragette Thoughts, ci. 1915, 2018 (SNM)
Kirke Mechem Fair Robin I Love, 1980 (SNM)
Mario Pietra Elegy, 2018 (SNM)
Emily Rutherford Three Poems, 2012 (MSR)
Greg Simon Two Orchids, 2015 (MSR)
John Steinmetz Etude No. 5: Variations on "Streets of Laredo," 1982 (MSR)
Marcus Karl Maroney Brightening, 2007 (MSR)
John Corigliano Lullaby for Natalie, 2010 (AVIE)

November 11, 2018: The Beauty of Innuendo

Edward Smaldone The Beauty of Innuendo (Ablaze)
Jeff Beal House of Cards Fantasy for flute and orchestra, 2018 (Bis)
Jeff Beal Six Sixteen for guitar and chamber orchestra (Bis)
Lowell Liebermann Variations on a Theme of Schubert, Op. 100, 2007 (MSR)
Lowell Liebermann Nocturne No. 10, Op. 99, 2007 (MSR)

November 4, 2018: Musical "Affects"

Peter Child Shanti, 2011 (BMOP)
Jakub Ciupinski Wreck of the Umbria, 2009, for violin and electronics (AVIE)

October 28, 2018: Musical Landscapes

Max Richter Horizon Variations and Shadow Journal (DGG)
Marc Mellits Smoke, 2009 (Innova)
Peter Child Adirondack Voices, 2006 (BMOP)
Astor Piazzolla Histoire du Tango: Bordel 1900, 1986 (Performer)

October 21, 2018: World Music

Gisle Kverndokk Symphonic Dances, 2018 (Crossover)
Robert Beaser Mountain Songs: Barbara Allen (Performer)
Astor Piazzolla Histoire du Tango: Concert d’Aujourd’hui, 1986 (Performer)

October 14, 2018: Constellations

Jane Antonia Cornish Constellations I; Constellations II (Innova)
David Sampson Strata for brass quintet, 1999 (Troy)
Max Richter Iconography, Vladimir's Blues, Arboretum, Old Song, and Organum (DGG)

October 7, 2018: Cosmic Resonances

Jane Antonia Cornish Beyond the Sky; Wave Cycles (Innova)
Jay Derderian I want to Unfold, 2016 (Performer)
Max Richter The Blue Notebooks; On the Nature of Daylight; The Trees; Written on the Sky (DGG)

September 30, 2018: Tapas

Marc Mellits String Quartet No. 3, Tapas, 2008 (Innova)
David Sampson Sonata Forty (Albany)
Pedro H. Da Silva Lachrymae (SC)
Daniel Binelli Paris desde aqui; Preludio y Candombe (Llamada de tambores) (SC)

September 23, 2018: Songs of a Thousand Autumns

Thomas Osborne Songs of a Thousand Autumns, 2006 (MSR)
Baljinder Sekhon Death is an Advisor (Innova)

September 16, 2018: Different Worlds ...

Marc Mellits Prime, 2008 (Innova)
Jane Antonia Cornish Lux (Innova)
Kevin Villalta Portrait of My Dead Brother, 2014 (Performer)
Emilie Cecilia LeBel Different Worlds, 2012 (Awea Duo)
David Sanford Kafka, 2016 (Performer)

September 9, 2018: Nothing Proved

Kristin Norderval Nothing Proved Can Be, 2008 (MSR)
Thomas Osborne And the waves sing because they are moving, 2004; Like still water, 2004 (MSR)
Gloria Justen Attunement (Composer)

September 2, 2018: Once Upon A Time-ness

Nicolas Scherzinger Cross Court, 2018 (Performer)
Francis White From a Fairy Tale for Viol Quartet, 2013 (MSR)
Jenny Olivia Johnson New York, 2017; Boston, 2017; Glass Heart: Interlude 2, 2017 (Innova)

August 26, 2018: Visions

Frances White A Flower on the Farther Side, 2010 (MSR)
Thomas Osborne Dreams of Sky and Sea, 2012 (MSR)
Danny Clay Broken Birds, 2016 (selections) (Innova)

August 19, 2018: All Spiced Up

Matthew Van Brink Dal Dosai, 2001 (MSR)
Baljinder Sekhon Passageways, 2015 (Innova)
Mark Applebaum Three Unlikely Corporate Sponsorships, 2016 (Innova)
Libby Larsen Trio in Four Movements, 2006 (MSR)

August 12, 2018: Hand-Me-Downs and Home-Mades

Adam Borecki Accidental Mozart, 2014 (RR Fresh)
Tom Flaherty Igor to Please, 2016 (RR Fresh)
Missy Mazzoli Bolts of Loving Thunder, 2013, rev. 2016 (RR Fresh)
Baljinder Sekhon Musica Casera, 2014 (Innova)
Vera Ivanova Fugitive Memories, 2016 (RR Fresh)
Jenny Olivia Johnson Glass Heart: Interlude 1, 2017 (Innova)

August 5, 2018: Liquid Melancholy

James Stephenson Liquid Melancholy, 2011 (Cedille)
James Matheson Bagatelle, 2012 (RR Fresh)
Yuko Fujiyama Romance, Floating on a Breeze (Innova)
Baljinder Sekhon Refuge, 2013 (Innova)
Stephen Main Columbus Triptich, 2006 (MSR)
Jenny Olivia Johnson Glass Heart: Interlude 3, 2017 (Innova)

July 29, 2018: Wakeful Visions/Moonless Dreams

David Kechley The Walbrzych Project (Wakeful Visions/Moonless Dreams) (Innova)
Brian Buch Maze of Infinite Forms No. 1 (MSR)
Yuko Fujiyama Waltz of the Shadows, Starlight (Innova)

July 22, 2018: Last Chants and Petite Suites

Jesse Jones Sonata, 2015 (Innova)
Stephen Paulus Petite Suite, 2007 (MSR)
James Stephenson Last Chants, 2015 (Cedille)

July 15, 2018: East Meets West

Michael Fiday Five Haiku, 2013 (Innova)
Chen Yi Three Bagatelles from China West, 2014 (Innova)
David Kechley Karasuma: A Fast Funk for Orchestra (Innova)
Brian Buch From the River Flow the Stars No. 6 (MSR)
François Rossé Nishi Asakusa, 2004 (MSR)
Sahba Aminikia Bade Saba (III), 2015 (Innova)

July 8, 2018: Synesthetes

Zhou Tian Viaje, 2015 (Innova)
Scott Wollschleger Blue Inscription (MSR)
Andy Akiho Karakurena (Crimson) (MSR)
James Stephenson Colors, 1997 (Cedille)
Tom Flaherty Rainbow Tangle, 2015 (RR Fresh)
Mutsuo Shishido Yuzakura Dojo no eri no usu aoku, 1971; Kimagure Kouma, 1976; Toccata with flute & drums, 1988 (MSR)
Jenny Olivia Johnson Devonshire (The 8th Bell Jar Smashed on the Full Moon in Scorpio), 2017 (Innova)

July 1, 2018: Unconquered

Michael Torke Unconquered, 2016 (Ecstatic)
Victoria Bond Pater Patriae (Albany-Troy)
Ryan Brown Get Go!, 2016 (Innova)

June 24, 2018: Music Inspired by . . .

Gregory W. Brown un/bodying/s, 2017 (3. Questions for a Disincorporation/Atlantis; 4. Poem with Any End) (Innova)
Jennifer Higdon American Canvas, 2015 (Innova)
Andrea Clearfield Spirit Island, 1996 (Innova)

June 17, 2018: Prize Winners

Quincy Porter Concerto Concertante for Two Pianos and Orchestra (Tape of live performance)
Alex Burtzos Many Worlds, 2016 (SNM)
Sergei Slonimsky Toccata (US4ARK)
Alexander Schaversaschwilli Prelude (US4ARK)

June 10, 2018: Time & Again

Steve Burke In Time's Wake, 2000 (Albany)
Steve Burke Spring Fever, 2001 (Albany)
Steve Ferre Labyrinth, 2017 (SNM)

June 3, 2018: Dream Forms

Steve Burke Dream Forms, 2016 (Episode II and III) (Albany)
Gregory W. Brown un/bodying/s, 2017 (1. The meeting of the waters; 2. The Valley of Lost Names) (Innova)

May 27, 2018: Cosmic Whispers

Gavin Bryars The Fifth Century, 2014 (ECM)
Simon Frisch Provost Agnus Suspendus, 2014 (SNM)

May 20, 2018: On the Nature of Water

Philip Glass Paddle to the Sea--Flow, Open Water, Thaw, Niagara, Release, The Lighthouse (Cedille)
Azer Rzayev Reflection (Etcetera)
Gavin Bryars Two Love Songs, 2010 (ECM)
Kevin Ernste Interregnum, 2016 (SNM)

May 13, 2018: Folk Connections

arr. Musekiwa Chingodza Chigwaya (Cedille)
Perry Goldstein Sonata, 2006 (Mark)
William Price Rush Hour, 2016 (Ablaze)
Franghiz Alizadeh Music for Piano (Etcetera)
Javanshir Guliyev Seven Pieces with Interludes in Mugham Modes (Etcetera)

May 6, 2018: To the Sea

Philip Glass Madeira River (from Aguas da Amazonia) (Cedille)
Philip Glass Xingu River, Japura River, Amazon River (Cedille)
William Price Hook, Line & Sinker, 2005 (Mark)
Stephen Burke In Time’s Wake, 2000 (Albany)

April 29, 2018: Sonic Landscapes

Ramón Paús Madera Ocaso, 2013 (Naxos)
Daniel Rhode glass surface; ash; airport for light, 2017 (Innova)
Nick Peros Nocturnes, 2017 (selected) (DeoSonic)

April 22, 2018: Serenades

Allen Shawn Serenade, 1990 (Albany)
Dan Locklair Trumpets of Light, 2011 (Convivium)
Ramón Paús Cobalto azul, en transito, 2013 (Naxos)
Kent Holliday Couperiniana No. 1, Mikrokosmicals I and II (ARCD)

April 15, 2018: Discoveries

Allen Shawn Suite for cello quartet, 1989 (Albany)
Bent Sørenson Romance, 2017 (MusicaSolis)
Torbjörn Hultmark Triptyk, 1979 (Convivium)
Daniel Rhode daily limits lie, 2017 (Innova)
Matt Finch with a hint of blue, 2017 (Innova)

April 8, 2018: Short and Suite

Mike Titlebaum Short Set, 2016 (MSR)
Allen Shawn Three Pieces for Cello and Piano, 2011 (Albany)
Lauren Bernofsky Two Latin Dances, 2015 (MSR)
Dorothy Gates Shaken not Stirred, 2012 (MSR)
Solfa Carlile Silver Tree Fanfare, 2016 (Convivium)
Richard Faith Fantasy Trio No. 1 (MSR)

April 1, 2018: Olagón

Dan Trueman Olagón: A Cantata in Double-Speak (Cedille)

March 25, 2018: Passion

Eriks Esenvalds Passion & Resurrection, 2006 (Naxos)
Carson Cooman Planctus, 2005 (MSR)
Dorothy Hindman Road to Damascus, 2010 (Innova)
Augusta Gross Coming Home, 2016 (MusicaSolis)

March 18, 2018: Celestials

Kenji Bunch Four Flashbacks (MSR)
Robert Baksa Celestials, 1995 (MSR)
Ramón Paús Elegia primera, la deriva (Naxos)
Howard Boatwright selections from Suite for Clarinet and Serenade (SNM performance)
Ralph D'Mello Vasant Gana (SNM performance)

March 11, 2018: Music Inspired By . . .

Dorothy Hindman Jerusalem Windows, 2002 (Innova)
Dana Wilson A Thousand Whirling Dreams (MSR)
Giselle Wyers And love be written on running water, 2015 (MSR)
Joshua Rist Invictus, 2013 (MSR)
Barlow Bradford Give me the splendid, silent sun, 2010 (MSR)
Robert Baksa Journeys, 2005 (MSR)

March 4, 2018: Gods and Goddesses

Susan Kander Hermestänze, 2013 (MSR)
Lars Jansson Salve Regina for the Mothers of Brazil, 2014 (MSR)
Martin Kutnowski Tonadas y Mateadas, 2015 (MSR)
Dan Locklair Phoenix Processional, 1998 (Convivium)

February 25, 2018: From Dreams ...

Christopher Cresswell From Dreams we Emerge, 2017 (Parma)
Jeremy Gill Notturno Concertante, 2014 (BMOP)
Carson Cooman Quartet for piano and strings (A Sea Liturgy), 2009 (MSR)

February 18, 2018: Contrasts

Chiayu Su Black & White, 2015 (yin & yang) (Innova)
Eric Stokes The Lyrical Pickpocket (Innova)
Carson Cooman Viola Quintet (Unquiet Parables), 2009 (MSR)
David Rakowski Luccicare, 2010 (MSR)
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