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October 25: Ghosts

C.F. Kip Winger Ghosts, 2012 (VBI)
Crystal Mooncone Imaginary Azimuths, 2016; Perth Airport, 2016 (Innova)
Christopher Cresswell we study our past to move forward ..., 2016 (Composer)
Denman Maroney Three Songs to the One Burden (from Music for Words Perhaps, 2010); I'm Yours (Innova)

November 1: House of Cards

Jeff Beal Selections from House of Cards Symphony, 2018 (Bis)

past broadcasts

October 18, 2020: Transhuman Barnburners

Jesse Jones Unisono, 2011 (Innova)
Gabriel Prokofiev Transhuman Etudes (Innova)
Emily Doolittle Sorex (Innova)
Fred Lerdahl Times 3, 2012 (Bridge)

October 11, 2020: Mystery Binds

Jesse Jones The Mystery which binds me still, 2016 (Innova)
John Liberatore She rose & let me in (Centaur)
Jane Antonia Cornish Into Silence I (Innova)
Connor Chee Navajo Vocable for piano, No. 9 (Innova)
Brent Michael Davids Testament of Atom (Innova)
Louis Ballard Nikatoheh (Love Song) & To'kah'ni (Warrior Dance) (Innova)
Michael Daugherty Buffalo Dance (Innova)

October 4, 2020: About Time

Paul Elwood CUT, 2009 (Innova)
Christopher Cresswell I find I have less to say, 2016 (Composer)
Jeremy Cullen Theme and Variations, 2015/16 (Notornis)
James Willey Sonata for Trumpet and Piano, 2001 (Performer)

September 27, 2020: Tonal Venerations

Kevin Ernste Palimpsest, 2014 (Jack Qt)
Chapman Welch Hummingbird Medicine (Innova)
Mick Rossi Euro (Innova)
Jeremy Cullen Valse Nostalgique (Notornis)
Jeremy Cullen Gymnopedie (Notornis)
Jeremy Cullen Avenue des Gobelins (Notornis)
Jeremy Cullen Waltz on a Theme by Alban Berg, 2014 (Notornis)
Jeremy Cullen Prelude No. 4 in Eb major (Notornis)
Jeremy Cullen Tuis, Hataitai, 2015 (Notornis)

September 20, 2020: The Beauty of Innuendo

Edward Smaldone The Beauty of Innuendo (Ablaze)
Jeff Beal House of Cards Fantasy for flute and orchestra, 2018 (Bis)
Jeff Beal Six Sixteen for guitar and chamber orchestra (Bis)
Lowell Liebermann Variations on a Theme of Schubert, Op. 100, 2007 (MSR)
Lowell Liebermann Nocturne No. 10, Op. 99, 2007 (MSR)

September 13, 2020: Musical "Affects"

Peter Child Shanti, 2011 (BMOP)
Jakub Ciupinski Wreck of the Umbria, 2009, for violin and electronics (AVIE)

September 6, 2020: Visions

Frances White A Flower on the Farther Side, 2010 (MSR)
Thomas Osborne Dreams of Sky and Sea, 2012 (MSR)
Danny Clay Broken Birds, 2016 (selections) (Innova)
Sally Lamb McCune The Cricket Song, 2018 (performance tape)
Sally Lamb McCune Listen Here, 2018 (performance tape)

August 30, 2020: Once Upon a Time-Ness

Nicolas Scherzinger Cross Court, 2018 (Performer)
Francis White From a Fairy Tale for Viol Quartet, 2013 (MSR)
Jenny Olivia Johnson New York, 2017; Boston, 2017; Glass Heart: Interlude 2, 2017 (Innova)

August 23, 2020: Dream Forms

Steve Burke Dream Forms, 2016 (Episode II and III) (Albany)
Gregory W. Brown un/bodying/s, 2017 (Innova)

August 16, 2020: Cosmic Whispers

Gavin Bryars The Fifth Century, 2014 (ECM)
Simon Frisch Provost: Agnus Suspendus, 2014 (SNM)

August 9, 2020: On the Nature of Water

Philip Glass Paddle to the Sea--Flow, Open Water, Thaw, Niagara, Release, The Lighthouse (Cedille)
Azer Rzayev Reflection (Etcetera)
Gavin Bryars Two Love Songs, 2010 (ECM)
Kevin Ernste Interregnum, 2016 (SNM)

August 2, 2020: To the Sea

Philip Glass Madeira River (from Aguas da Amazonia) (Cedille)
Philip Glass Xingu River, Japura River, Amazon River (Cedille)
William Price Hook, Line & Sinker, 2005 (Mark)
Stephen Burke In Time’s Wake, 2000 (Albany)

July 26, 2020: Musical Landscapes

Max Richter Horizon Variations and Shadow Journal (DGG)
Marc Mellits Smoke, 2009 (Innova)
Peter Child Adirondack Voices, 2006 (BMOP)
Astor Piazzolla Histoire du Tango: Bordel 1900, 1986 (Performer)

July 19, 2020: Constellations

Jane Antonia Cornish Constellations I; Constellations II (Innova)
David Sampson Strata for brass quintet, 1999 (Troy)
Max Richter Iconography, Vladimir's Blues, Arboretum, Old Song, and Organum (DGG)

July 12, 2020: Cosmic Resonances

Jane Antonia Cornish: Beyond the Sky; Wave Cycles (Innova)
Jay Derderian I want to Unfold, 2016 (Performer)
Max Richter The Blue Notebooks; On the Nature of Daylight; The Trees; Written on the Sky (DGG)

July 5, 2020: Epic Battles

Emmanuel Sikora Astra (Composer CD)
Octavio Vazquez Galician Folk Dances (Performer CD)

June 28, 2020: Synesthetes

Zhou Tian Viaje, 2015 (Innova)
Scott Wollschleger Blue Inscription (MSR)
Andy Akiho Karakurena (Crimson) (MSR)
James Stephenson Colors, 1997 (Cedille)
Tom Flaherty Rainbow Tangle, 2015 (RR Fresh)
Mutsuo Shishido Yuzakura Dojo no eri no usu aoku, 1971; Kimagure Kouma, 1976; Toccata with flute & drums, 1988 (MSR)
Jenny Olivia Johnson Devonshire (The 8th Bell Jar Smashed on the Full Moon in Scorpio), 2017 (Innova)

June 21, 2020: Concerted Efforts

Mark Olivieri Concertino: Stress Test, 2010 (Innova)
Adam Schoenberg American Symphony, 2011 (Reference)

June 14, 2020: Quintessential Quintets

Rob Paterson Shine (Summit)
Eric Ewazen Canticum Honoris Amicorum (Summit)
"Doctuh" Mike Woods Libations, 2011 (Innova)
Ryan Chase repeat a lie often enough, 2016 (SNM)

June 7, 2020: Folk Connections

arr. Musekiwa Chingodza Chigwaya (Cedille)
Perry Goldstein Sonata, 2006 (Mark)
William Price Rush Hour, 2016 (Ablaze)
Franghiz Alizadeh Music for Piano (Etcetera)
Javanshir Guliyev Seven Pieces with Interludes in Mugham Modes (Etcetera)

May 31, 2020: The Blue of Distance

Žiboukle Martinaityte The Blue of Distance (Tolumos melynumas), 2010 (Innova)
Kinan Azmeh The Fence, the Rooftop and the Distant Sea (Dreyer gaido)
Victoria Bond Instruments of Revelation, 2010 (Naxos)
Marc Mellits V. Five (from String Quartet No. 3, "Tapas") (Innova)

May 24, 2020: In Memoriam

David Sanford Prayer: In Memoriam Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., 1992 (BMOP)
Gregory Wanamaker Elegy, 2015 (Navona)
D.J. Sparr I can hear her through the thin wall singing (Innova)
D.J. Sparr Earthcaster Suite (Innova)
Gregory Wanamaker Des ondes et les Temps, 2015 (Navona)

May 17, 2020: Music Inspired By...

Reza Vali Persian Folk Songs (Set No. 7) (Albany)
Christopher Rouse Symphony No. 3, 2011 (NY Philharmonic)
Tom Flaherty Airdancing (RR)

May 10, 2020: Women's Music

Stacy Garrop Mythology Symphony, 2013 (Cedille)
Judith Lang Zaimont Romp, 1989 (Sorel)

May 3, 2020: Ancient Wisdom

Kinan Azmeh Ibn Arabi Suite, 2013 (Sufi) (Dreyer gaido)
Victoria Bond Frescoes and Ash, 2009 (Naxos)
Juri Seo Respiri (Innova)

April 26, 2020: Musical Fusions

Dana Wilson Hungarian Folk Songs, 2008 (Bridge)
Stephen Rush Whirlwind, 2015 (Albany)
Wei-Chieh Lin Four Taiwanese Folk Songs, 2017 (Bridge)
Edwin McClean Sonata No. 3 for harpsichord, 2015 (ARCD)

April 19, 2020: Concerted Efforts

David Dzubay Chamber Concerto for Trumpet, Violin, and Ensemble, 2016 (Innova)
Gabriel Senanes Contratango, 2016 (Soundbrush)
Gerardo Matos Rodriguez (arr. R. Jaurena) La Cumparsita (Soundbrush)
Peter Van Zandt Lane /chatter/ (Innova)
Mathieu Vanasse Ether (Innova)

April 12, 2020: Hope and Compassion

Robert Prizeman Ave Maria; Voa Me; Do not stand at my Grave and Weep (IHCD)
Mark McKenzie Benedictus Deus (IHCD)
John Tavener Mother of God (IHCD)
Nikita Koshkin Orpheo (Alba)
Ludovico Einaudi Life, 2013; I Giorni, 2001; Experience, 2013 (Analekta)
Max Richter The Leftovers Main Titles (season I, 2014); Dona Nobis (Analekta)
Sean Hickey Lunula (Innova)

April 5, 2020: Charting Course

Christopher Stark Seasonal Music, 2016-18 (Bridge)
Peter Van Zandt Lane Piano Quartet: The Longitude Problem (Innova)
Roger Davidson Amen (Soundbrush)

March 29, 2020: Zealot Canticles

Lansing McLoskey Zealot Canticles: An Oratorio for Tolerance (Innova)

March 22, 2020: Migration and Memories

Derek Bermel Migration Series for Jazz Ensemble and Orchestra, 2006 (Naxos)
David Dzubay all water has perfect memory, 2007; Lullaby (Innova)

March 15, 2020: Fantastic Mr. Fox (continued)

Tobias Picker Fantastic Mr. Fox (Act III), 1998 (BMOP)
Derek Bermel Mar de Setembro (Naxos)
Judith Lang Zaimont Verse, 2008 (MSR)

March 8, 2020: Fantastic Mr. Fox

Tobias Picker Fantastic Mr. Fox (Acts I and II), 1998 (BMOP)

March 1, 2020: Contrasts In New Music

William Susman Camille, 2010 (Belarca)
Keeril Makan Dream Lightly, 2008 (BMOP)
Andrew Friedrichs Painted Bricks, 2019 (Composer)
Derek Bermel A Shout, a Whisper, and a Trace, 2009 (Naxos)
Daniela Candillari Balkanika, 2014 (MSR)

February 23, 2020: Fire in My Mouth

Julia Wolfe Fire in my mouth (Decca)

February 16, 2020: Love Songs

Peter Meechan Love Songs, 2016 (MSR)
William Bolcom Graceful Ghost (Innova)
Robert Livingston Aldridge Waltz No. 9, 11, 14, 12 (MSR)
Carlo Domeniconi Variations on an Anatolian Folksong (Performer)
Patrick Roux D'un ciel a l'autre (Performer)

February 9, 2020: Constellations, Chaconnes, and Sarabandes

Esa-Pekka Salonen Sarabande per un coyote, 2010 (Ondine)
Giuseppe Colombi Chiacona (Ondine)
Kaija Saariaho Dreaming Chaconne, 2010 (Ondine)
David Liptak Constellations, 2010 (excerpts) (Innova)

February 2, 2020: Cross-Cultural Cadences II

Wynton Marsalis Violin Concerto in D (Decca)
William Beauvais Eagle Lake Sketches (excerpts) (Performer)

January 26, 2020: Cross-Cultural Cadences

Münir Beken Memories of a Shoehorn (N/S)
Patricio da Silva Violin and Harp Music, 2015 (MSR)
Kirsten Soriano Broberg Flutter, 2017 (MSR)
Paul Reale Eleven Miniatures for Woodwind Quintet (MSR)
Bryan Johnson Preludes 3 and 4 for guitar (Performer)

January 19, 2020: Classic Tales

Andy Teirstein The Shooting of Dan McGrew, 2007 (Naxos)
Part Uusberg Kodumaa Laulud (in praise of nature) (MSR)
Michael Torke Sky, 2018, Concerto for Violin (Albany)
Michael Daugherty Viva (Innova)
Steve Zink The Cloud of Unknowing (Azedarac)

January 12, 2020: Soul Music

Pierre Jalbert Violin concerto, 2017 (Bis)
Andy Teirstein What is Left of Us, 2004 (Naxos)
Evelin Seppar Sirelite Aegu, 2016 (MSR)
Ellen Zwilich Fantasy for solo violin (Innova)

January 5, 2020: The Passion: You are loved. You are special. Call home often.

Jeffrey Brooks The Passion, 2017 (Innova/Cantaloupe)
Dan Locklair Concerto for organ and orchestra, 2010 (Naxos)
Gregory W. Brown A Black Birch in Winter (MSR)

December 29, 2019: Voyages II

Robert Convery Voyages, 1994 (Innova)
Dan Locklair Hail the Coming Day, 2013 (Naxos)
Andy Teirstein Maramures, 2008 (Bis)

December 22, 2019: Meditations

Anthony Piccolo Jesus Christ the Apple Tree (ACIS)
Owen Eisley A Lady that was so fair and bright (ACIS)
June Nixon Behold a Simple Tender Babe (ACIS)
Daniel Riley Nativitie (ACIS)
Will Todd Softly (ACIS)
Francis Pott Balulalow (ACIS)
Dan Locklair Angel Song (ACIS)
Adolphus Hailstork Toccata on Veni Emmanuel, 1996 (LRCD)
Ola Gjeilo Spotless Rose; Ave Generosa, 2017 (GIA)
Michael Torke South, 2016 (Albany)

December 15, 2019: Voyages

Benjamin C.S. Boyle Voyages, Cantata No. 2, Op. 41, 2018 (Innova)
Peteris Vasks Lonely Angel, 2006 (Bis)
Michael Torke East, 2016 (Albany)

December 8, 2019: The Thirteenth Child, Act II

Poul Ruders The Thirteenth Child, 2016 (Act II of a Fairy Tale opera) (Bridge)
Andy Teirstein Turn me Loose, 2007 (The Old Trail, The Creek, The Rebbe's Dance) (Naxos)

December 1, 2019: The Thirteenth Child, Act I

Poul Ruders The Thirteenth Child, 2016 (Act 1 of Fairy Tale opera) (Bridge)
Ron Korb A Muse (Performer)
Daniel Dorff Lake Kezar, 2013 (Performer)

November 24, 2019: Thanksgiving

Ola Gjeilo Sunrise Mass, 2008 (The Spheres, Sunrise, The City, Identity) (GIA)
Three American Songs (Performer)
Dan Locklair Symphony No. 2, "‘America," 2016, Thanksgiving Day (Naxos)

November 17, 2019: Music Then and Now II

Gregg Welcher Song of Yeats: A Friend's Illness, 2019; Song of Yeats: (Before), 2019 (Performer)
John Williams A Dream Discarded; Sayuri's Theme from "Memoirs of a Geisha" (Performer)
Sachin Shukla You just never learned, 2019 (Performer)
Ben Moore The Lake Isle of Innisfree, 2001 (Performer)
Kurt Weill What good would the moon be? (Performer)
Judd Greenstein ILL, 2002 (Naxos)
Andy Teirstein Three Movements for String Quartet and folk musician, 2007 (Naxos)
Kile Smith I know you, you are the deeply bowed (MSR)

November 10, 2019: Music Then and Now

Roberto Sierra Julia (IBS)
Henry Partch Barstow: 8 Hitchhikers' Inscriptions, 1941 (Bridge)
Henry Partch Cancion de Los Muchachos (Bridge)
Karen Tanaka Shibuya Tokyo, 2009 (Naxos)
Lynn Bechtold Away/Home 1.2, 2010/12 (Naxos)
Jeff Myers TAG, 2010 (Naxos)
William Bolcom Knight Hubert (Performer)
Emmanuel Sikora Impressions of Puccini's "Turandot;" 2 Pieces: Nocturne No. 17, Etude No. 2 (Performer)

November 3, 2019: Musical Excursions

David Sampson Chesapeake; Stillwater (Summit)
Margaret Brandman The Eastern Spinebill; The Sulphur Crested Cockatoos Heralds a Blue Mountains Bush Fire; Jucaro Rhumba D'Amor (Navona)
Dan Locklair Phoenix, 2007 (Naxos)
Andy Teirstein Kopanitza, 2005 (Naxos)

October 27, 2019: Paths of Light

Jeff Adler A Path of Light; Speed of Dark; Epilogue (Ansonica)
David Liptak Dove Songs, 2014 (New Focus)
Ola Gjeilo Ubi Caritas, 2001, Ubi Caritas II: Through Infinite Ages, 2007; Ubi Caritas III: Sacred Heart, 2012 (GIA)
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