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fresh ink broadcasts

January 21: Simplicity Itself

Robert Honstein Patter, 2010 (New Focus)
Robert Honstein Unwind, 2015 (New Focus)
Stephen Dankner Saxophone Quartet, 2015 (Mark)
Tonio Ko Hush, 2012 (New Focus)

January 28: Take Two

Karl Blench Second Take, 2010 (Innova)
Eric Stokes Woodwind Quintet No. 2 (Innova)
Jeremy Gill Serenada Concertante, 2014 (BMOP)

February 4: The Threes Have It

Paul Chihara String Trio (Bridge)
Christopher Cresswell The Lost Art of Losing Sleep, 2017 (Parma)
Jeremy Gill Before the Wresting Tides, 2012 (BMPO)

February 11: Love Letters

David DiChiera Letter to Sarah, 2015 (Innova)
David DiChiera Ballade, 2008 (Innova)
David DiChiera Letter to Roxane, 2017 (Innova)
Paul Chihara Bagatelles, 2010 (Bridge)
Eric Stokes Onion, Car (Song Circle), 1993 (Innova)
John Kennedy Even the Stones Breathe, 2011 (MSR)

February 18: Contrasts

Chiayu Su Black & White, 2015 (yin & yang) (Innova)
Eric Stokes The Lyrical Pickpocket (Innova)
Carson Cooman Viola Quintet (Unquiet Parables), 2009 (MSR)
David Rakowski Luccicare, 2010 (MSR)

February 25: From Dreams ...

Christopher Cresswell From Dreams we Emerge, 2017 (Parma)
Jeremy Gill Notturno Concertante, 2014 (BMOP)
Carson Cooman Quartet for piano and strings (A Sea Liturgy), 2009 (MSR)

past broadcasts

January 14, 2018: Virtuosic Music

Guillaume Connesson Techno-Parade, 2002 (Cedille)
Charles Wuorinen Piano Sonata No. 4, 2007 (Bridge)
Caroline Shaw Boris Kerner, 2012 (New Focus)
Kevin Villalta Portrait of my Dead Brother (Mark)
Carson Cooman A Trip to the Sky, 2009 (MSR)

January 7, 2018: A Brotherly Homage

Ann Millikan Millikan Symphony (Innova)
Carson Cooman Tombeau-Aria, 2003 (MSR)

December 31, 2017: Fantasies

Paul Chihara Ellington Fantasy (Bridge)
Paul Schoenfeld Sonatina, 1994 (Cedille)
Martin Boykan Psalm 121, 1997 (Bridge)
Anne VanSchothorst Terra Incognita (HSM)
Anne VanSchothorst If these wings could fly (HSM)
Anne VanSchothorst Today I am a Bird (HSM)

December 24, 2017: Luminescence

Jane Antonia Cornish Luminescence (Innova)
Wayne Oquin O Magnum Mysterium, 2013 (MSR)
Eriks Esenvalds A Drop in the Ocean, 2006 (Naxos)
Christopher Rouse Karolju (RCA)

December 17, 2017: Rivers of Lights

Jesse Jones Ricordanza, 2012 (Innova)
Eriks Esenvalds Rivers of Light, 2014 (Naxos)
Eriks Esenvalds The First Tears, 2015 (Naxos)
Martin Boykan Impromptu for violin solo, 1993 (Bridge)
Anne Van Schothorst My Heart was Bending (HSM)
Anne Van Schothorst Beautiful World (HSM)

December 10, 2017: Time and Again

Amy Williams Switch (Innova)
Fred Lerdahl Time and Again, 2014 (Bridge)
Valerie Coleman Portraits of Langston (Cedille)

December 3, 2017: Numinous Music

Jesse Jones Harmonies Poetiques et Religieuses, 2011 (Innova)
Jane Antonia Cornish Memory of Time (Innova)
Martin Bresnick Ishi's Song (Innova)
Chris Rogerson A Fish Will Rise, 2016 (Cedille)

November 26, 2017: Transhuman Barnburners

Jesse Jones Unisono, 2011 (Innova)
Gabriel Prokofiev Transhuman Etudes (Innova)
Emily Doolittle Sorex (Innova)
Fred Lerdahl Times 3, 2012 (Bridge)

November 19, 2017: Mystery Binds

Jesse Jones The Mystery which binds me still, 2016 (Innova)
John Liberatore She rose & let me in (Centaur)
Jane Antonia Cornish Into Silence I (Innova)
Connor Chee Navajo Vocable for piano, No. 9 (Innova)
Brent Michael Davids Testament of Atom (Innova)
Louis Ballard Nikatoheh (Love Song) & To'kah'ni (Warrior Dance) (Innova)
Michael Daugherty Buffalo Dance (Innova)

November 12, 2017: Breath of Life

Jesse Jones Abraxas, 2013 (Innova)
Jesse Jones Ephemera, 2014 (Innova)
Peter Garland Walk in Beauty (Innova)
Gilad Rabinovitch ... star dazzling me, live and elate ... (Centaur)

November 5, 2017: Dreamcatchers

Diane Jones Dreamcatcher (Int. Musicians Network)
Carson Cooman Remembering Tomorrow (Int. Musicians Network)
Haley Myers Festina Lente (Innova)
Henrik Ajax Valse Deconstruite (Innova)
Rising Stars: Alexandria Kemp/Audrey Monson Suffragette Song, 2017 (SNM)
Rising Stars: Bryan Sweeney/Clotilde Cecchi When we are gone, 2017 (SNM)
Jane Antonia Cornish Elegia (Innova)

October 29, 2017: Ghosts

C.F. Kip Winger Ghosts, 2012 (VBI)
Crystal Mooncone Imaginary Azimuths, 2016; Perth Airport, 2016 (Innova)
Christopher Cresswell we study our past to move forward ..., 2016 (Composer)
Denman Maroney Three Songs to the One Burden (from Music for Words Perhaps, 2010); I'm Yours (Innova)

October 22, 2017: Epic Battles

Emmanuel Sikora Astra (Composer)
Octavio Vazquez Galician Folk Dances (Performer)

October 15, 2017: Heroic Music

Gregory Mertl Piano Concerto (II & III) (Bridge)
Peter Schickele Serenade for Three, 1993 (Crystal)

October 8, 2017: Celebrating CNY

Roberto Sierra Sinfonia No. 3 "La Salsa", 2005 (Summit)
Rising Stars: Alexandria Kemp/Audrey Monson Suffragette Song, 2017 (SNM)
Rising Stars: Gregg Welcher/Ben Daly Ramble for the left hand, 2017 (SNM)
Rising Stars: Charles Van Tassel/Julia Musengo Avenoir, 2017 (SNM)
Jennifer Fowler Three Cellos, 2012 (Echoes)
Daniel Grabois Not much but air names (Summit)

October 1, 2017: Narrative Music

Gregory Mertl Afterglow of a Kiss, 2000 (Bridge)
Peter Sculthorpe Dream Tracks, 1992 (Crystal)
Alexander Arutiunian Suite, 1992 (Crystal)
Daniel Grabois Oaxaca Cathedral; Dusk Midwest Autumn (Summit)
Octavio Vazquez Three Galician Pieces (Performer)

September 24, 2017: Music on the Edge

Chris Cresswell the inner workings of a throat exposed, 2017 Viola Concerto (Composer)
Josh Oxford Funked Up, 2013 for trumpet and digital media (Performer)
Rising Stars Mario Pietra/Dominic Fiacco Improvisation #1, 2017 (SNM)
Rising Stars Bryan Sweeney/Clotilde Cecchi When we are gone, 2017 (SNM)
John H. Wallace String Quartet No. 1, "pale reflections" (Centaur)
Grant Cutler The Dream I float away; Stairwell; Self Portrait (Innova)

September 17, 2017: About Time

Paul Elwood CUT, 2009 (Innova)
Christopher Cresswell I find I have less to say, 2016 (Composer)
Jeremy Cullen Theme and Variations, 2015/16 (Notornis)
James Willey Sonata for Trumpet and Piano, 2001 (Performer)

September 10, 2017: Tonal Venerations

Kevin Ernste Palimpsest, 2014 (Jack Qt)
Chapman Welch Hummingbird Medicine (Innova)
Mick Rossi Euro (Innova)
Jeremy Cullen Valse Nostalgique; Gymnopedie; Avenue des Gobelins; Waltz on a Theme by Alban Berg, 2014; Prelude No. 4 in Eb major; Tuis, Hataitai, 2015 (Notornis)

September 3, 2017: Are You Experienced?

David Lang Are You Experienced? (Bridge)
Timothy Goplerud It Takes Two ..., 1999 (Performer)
Russell Nadel Byzantine Dances, 2016 (Performer)
Harold Schiffman Octet, 2011 (N/S)

August 27, 2017: Concerted Efforts

Dana Wilson Concerto for Tuba and Wind Ensemble, 2013 (Bridge)
Kinan Azmeh How many would it take? (Innova)
Missy Mazzoli Dissolve, O my Heart (Innova)
Kevin Ernste Roses don't need perfume, 2009 (Innova)
Mick Rossi 12 No. 2 (Innova)

August 20, 2017: Evocations

Daniel S. Godfrey Ricordanza-Speranza (Composer)
Arlene Sierra Of Risk and Memory, 1997 (Bridge)
C.F. Kip Winger Waltz Solitaire (from Conversations with Nijinsky) (VBI)
Armando Bayolo Tusch, 2010 (Innova)
Mick Rossi Albi No. 2 (Innova)

August 13, 2017: In the Spotlight

Sebastian Currier Flex, 2015 (Fanfare Cincinnati)
Michael Daugherty Lounge Lizards, 1994 (Bridge)

August 6, 2017: Homages

Thierry Escaich Psalmos, sinfonia concertante pour orchestra, 2016 (Fanfare Cincinnati)
Stephen Ferre Labyrinth, 2016 (premiere) (SNM)

July 30, 2017: Intimate Music

Zhou Tian Concerto for Orchestra, 2016 (Fanfare Cincinnati)
Fred Lerdahl Quiet Music, 2001 (Bridge)

July 23, 2017: The Space Between Us

Gregory Wanamaker The Space Between Us, 2015 (Innova)
Adam Schoenberg Finding Rothko, 2006 (Reference)
John Steinmetz Sorrow & Celebration, 2015 (Innova)

July 16, 2017: Picture Studies

Adam Schoenberg Picture Studies, 2012 (Reference)
David Biedenbender Refraction, 2015 (Innova)
J.A.C. Redford The Growing Season (PSD)

July 9, 2017: A Story Within a Story

Gregory Wanamaker A Story Within A Story, 2011, rev. 2013 (Innova)
Emmanuel Sikora Overture to Astra (opera) (Composer)

July 2, 2017: All-American Music

Allen Shawn Piano Sonata No. 4, 2009 (Coviello)
Jonathan Newman Prayers of Steel (Cedille)
John Corigliano Antiphon (Cedille)
Stacy Garrop Songs of Lowly Life excerpts, 2011 (Innova)
John Muehleisen ... is knowing ... , 2011 (Innova)

June 25, 2017: Concerted Efforts

Mark Olivieri Concertino: Stress Test, 2010 (Innova)
Adam Schoenberg American Symphony, 2011 (Reference)

June 18, 2017: Quintessential Quintets

Rob Paterson Shine (Summit)
Eric Ewazen Canticum Honoris Amicorum (Summit)
Rob Deemer gallimaufry, 2015 (Innova)
"Doctuh" Mike Woods Libations, 2011 (Innova)
Ryan Chase repeat a lie often enough, 2016 (SNM)

June 11, 2017: Three X Three

Octavio Vazquez Triptych, 2012 (Delos)
Rob Deemer Cantos, 2012 (Innova)
Richard Wernick Sextet, 2003 (Bridge)
Roberto Sierra Alegria, 1996 (Summit)

June 4, 2017: Musical Messages

Christopher Rouse Symphony No. 4, 2013 (NY Phil)
Adam Schoenberg Picture Etudes (RR)
Anna Thorvaldsdottir Ad genua / To the knees (Innova)
Allen Shawn Airy, lyrical (from Three Reveries, 1992) (Coviello)

May 28, 2017: Responses ...

Adam Schoenberg Bounce (RR)
Caroline Shaw To the Hands (Innova)
David T. Little dress in magic amulets, dark, from My feet (Innova)
Allen Shawn Playful (from Recollections, 1998) (COViello)

May 21, 2017: Folk Connections II

Reza Vali Segah, Double Concerto for Persian Ney, Kamanche, and Orch (Albany)
Chinary Ung Still Life After Death, 1995 (Cambria)
John Corigliano/arr. Cliff Colnot Gazebo Dances Overture (Cedille)
John Corigliano Fanfares to Music (Cedille)

May 14, 2017: Music Inspired By ...

Reza Vali Persian Folk Songs (Set No. 7) (Albany)
Christopher Rouse Symphony No. 3, 2011 (NY Philharmonic)
Tom Flaherty Airdancing (RR)

May 7, 2017: Auras

Chinary Ung Aura, 2006 (Cambria)
Gary Schocker Silkworms, 2013 (Performer)

April 30, 2017: The Ancient Call

Reza Vali The Ancient Call (Calligraphy No. 13); SornĂ¢ (Folk Songs, Set. No. 17) (Albany)
Chinary Ung Oracle, 2004 (Cambria)
David Borden Ghostly, Spooky Action at a Distance (Composer)

April 23, 2017: Once Upon A Memory ...

Michael Daugherty Once Upon a Castle, 2015 (Naxos)
Scott Wheeler Flow Chart; Green Geese (Bridge)
David Borden Invocation (Composer)

April 16, 2017: Music Dedicated To ...

Katherine Hoover Kyrie; Thou, thou; and Sanctus, from "Requiem for the Innocent" (4Tay)
Michael Daugherty American Gothic, 2013 (Naxos)
Scott Wheeler Alphabet Dance; Cliff Walk, 2006; The Fifth of July, 2007 (Bridge)

April 9, 2017: American Stories

Michael Daugherty Tales of Hemingway, 2015 (Naxos)
Michael Dellaira The Campers at Kitty Hawk (4Tay)
Joseph Rubinstein How She Went to Ireland (4Tay)
Daniel Dorff Serenade to Eve, After Rodin (Performer)

April 2, 2017: Transformations

Huang Ruo Four Fragments (Innova)
Gregory Beyer Berimbau Duo no. 4, "Alexis"; Berimbau Trio no. 1, "Harmonia"; Berimbau Sextet no. 1, "Kora" (Innova)
Mischa Zupko Eclipse; Love Obsession (Cedille)
David Borden Theme/Screens of Memory (Composer)

March 26, 2017: Classic FM Membership Drive

Call in with your membership, renewal, or upgrade. Famous guests, new autographed CDs, and always great music.

March 19, 2017: Musical Collisions

Timothy Dunne Concert for Piano and Chamber Orchestra, 2013 (Innova)
Jorge Villavicencio Grossmann Whistling Vessels, 2013 (Innova)
Huang Ruo Tree Without Wind, 2004 (Innova)

March 12, 2017: Future Shock

Timothy Dunne Ground, 2014; Margarita Metaphrase, 2014 (Innova)
Zhou Tian Morning after the Deluge, 2014 (Innova)
William Brittelle Future Shock, 2010 (ACME)

March 5, 2017: Folk Connections

Guy Klusevsek Moose Mouth Mirror; Hungarian Hummingbird (Starkland)
Neil Rolnick WakeUp, 2013 (Innova)
Cornelius Boots Chtonic Suite (Innova)
Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon Jacaras, 2006 (Innova)

February 26, 2017: Genre Blending I

Guy Klusevsek Ice Flowers; The Asphalt Orchid (Starkland)
John Gibson Slumber (Innova)
Neil Rolnick O Brother! 2014 (Innova)
Dan Trueman Song; points among lines with occasional tantrum (NWA)
Huang Ruo Wind Blows . . . (Innova)
Elaine Lillios Dry Wind (Innova)

February 19, 2017: Winter Tales

Michael Torke Winter's Tale, 2014 (Albany)
Dan Trueman Laghdu; gollywhopper; what what what (Records DK)
Guy Klucevsek and Bob Flath Waltzes with the Angels; Teetering on the Verge of Normalcy (Starkland)

February 12, 2017: Love Matters

Kate Soper Nadja, 2015 (New Focus)
Lawrence Axelrod Love Letters, 2007 (Innova)
Augusta Read Thomas The Rub of Love, 1995 (Teldec)
Augusta Read Thomas Look Out upon the Stars, My Love; Love Is a Beautiful Dream, 1997 (Teldec)
Steven Sametz In time of ..., 1997 (Teldec)
Joel Puckett une petite barcarolle, 2013 (BGR)
Guy Klucevsek Waltzing at the Edge of Dawn (Starkland)

February 5, 2017: Sound Explorations II

Jerome Blais Rafales, 2007 (TC)
Michael Torke Three Manhattan Bridges, 2015 (Albany)
Dan Trueman leathen le leathen; caol le caol (Records DK)

January 29, 2017: Sound Explorations I

Lucas Floyd Piano Thoughts, Vol 3, 2016 (BGR)
James Matheson String Quartet, 2015 (Yarlung)
David Sampson Inamere (Summit)

January 22, 2017: Homages

David Sampson Smoky Mountain Fanfare (Summit)
Stacy Garrop Keyboard of the Winds, 2015 (BGR)
Mark Olivieri Hommage a Trois, 2005 (BGR)
James Matheson Violin Concerto, 2011 (Yarlung)
Guy Klucevsek Hymnopedie No. 2 (Starkland)
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