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June 30, 2024: From the Archives: Loved by the Sun

Douglas Knehans Cloud Ossuary, 2019 (Ablaze)

June 23, 2024: From the Archives: Meditations on Cosmology

Derek Bermel Ritornello, 2011 (Naxos)
Jeremy Beck Three Pieces for Orchestra (Innova)
Derek Bermel A Short History of the Universe, 2013 (Naxos)
Nathan Edwards Saudade Study, 2017 (Innova)

June 16, 2024: From the Archives: Seeing Double

JP Jofre Double Concerto for Clarinet, Bandoneon, and Orchestra (Aspire)
Jared Isaac Aragon, from Little Suite for Big Bassoon, 2012 (Crystal)
Joel Bjorling Suite in A minor, 2007, Classical Funk (Crystal)
Ann Marie Kurrasch Chicago Cakewalk, 2018 (Crystal)
David Maki Ilta (Evening), 2008; Inertia, 2006 (Neuma)
Robert Honstein Chorale from An Economy of Means, 2016 (Neuma)

June 9, 2024: From the Archives: Musical Postcards

Paul Salerni Roman Elegy VIII and Alley Cat Love Song (Bridge)
Gabriela Lena Frank Las Cinco Lunas de Lorca (DASP)
Zhou Tian Concerto for Orchestra, 2016

June 2, 2024: From the Archives: Zest for Life

Mani Mirzaee Wight of Shadows (Miller-Porfiris Duo)
Jeremy Beck Concertino for Two Cellos and String Orchestra 2006, revised 2019 (Innova)
Michael Torke TIME, Span 1 & 2, 2022 (Ecstatic)
Johann Johannsson The Theory of Everything Suite (Analekta)
Quartetto Gelato Klezmer Explosion (Factor)
Gregg Welcher Short Fantasy, 2022 (SNM)

May 26, 2024: From the Archives: Voyagers

Jeffrey Kaufman Paterson, 2018 (4Tay)
Gerald Cohen Voyagers, 2017 (Innova)

May 19, 2024: From the Archives: Music for Friends

Christopher Cresswell All that’s left is dirt and sky (New Focus)
Alexandre Lunsqui Two Patches (New Focus)
Louis Karchin Processions, 2021 (Bridge)
Justin Dello Joio Oceans Apart, 2022 (Bridge)
Reena Esmail Darshan (Raag Charukeshi) (Troy)

May 12, 2024: From the Archives: Music Then and Now

JP Jofre Tangodromo; Taranguino (Aspire (Musica Solis))
Robert Fleisher Five Pieces for Flute and Percussion, 2016 (Neuma)

May 5, 2024: From the Archives: Emblems and Identity

Richard Danielpour Four Angels (Cedille)
James Lee III Quintet (Cedille)
Danielle Eva Schwob Reflections on Francis Bacon (Innova)
Danielle Eva Schwob Reflections on Lucian Freud (Innova)

April 28, 2024: From the Archives: New Music from 3 Continents

Lowell Liebermann Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, op. 74 (2001) (BGR)
Maximo Diego Pujol Suite Del Plata No. 1 (COMCON)
Paulo Bosisio Aboio e Dança Negra, 1993, for solo violin (Spice Classics)
Nilo Alcala Bayan Ko (My Homeland)

April 21, 2024: From the Archives: Rhythms and Rituals

William Susman Quiet Rhythms: Prologue & Action No. 9, 2010 (Belarca)
Francesco Di Fiore Miniature, 2011 (Discovery) (Belarca)
Jonathan Beard Ritual (4Tay)
Anna Thorvaldsdottir Catamorphosis, 2020
Missy Mizzoli Sinfonia, 2016

April 14, 2024: From the Archives: Shifting Sands

Marc Harris Symphony No. 1 (Movement III) (MHCD)
Gilbert Galindo Spunk (Neuma)
Gilbert Galindo Imagined Passions (Neuma)
Gilbert Galindo Echoes of the Divine (Neuma)

April 7, 2024: From the Archives: Pilgrimage and Possibilities

Robert Honstein An Index of Possibility (New Focus)
Jennifer Bellor A Grey Dream, 2023
Jean-Baptiste Mueller Aleations, 2022 (JBM)

March 31, 2024: From the Archives: I Dream A World

Marty Regan Send off at Yellow CraneTower, 2014 (MSR)
Marty Regan Still, 2016 (MSR)
Damien Sneed I Dream a World (Cedille)
John Rommereim Amara, Breath of Grace, for choir and improvising saxophone (Navona)
Russell Paterson Concerto for flute, alto sax, and symphonic band, 2018 (Navona)
Devonté Hynes There was nothing, for percussion and electronics (Cedille)

March 24, 2024: From the Archives: Odysseys

Danielle Eva Schwob Traveling North (Innova)
Anthony Plog Animal Ditties (TSN)
John Carbon Rhapsody for Clarinet and Chamber Orchestra, 1997 (Zimbel)
Gabriela Lena Frank Cantos de Cifar el Mar Dulce (DASP)

March 17, 2024: From the Archives: Women's Work 2023

Johanna Keller The Foley Guy, a romance
Teresa Reilly The Forgiveness Train (Cedille)
Samuel Adler Let Us Rejoice (GDCD)
Jacob TV Pale Moon in a Very Blue Sky, 2020

March 10, 2024: From the Archives: Come As You Are

Eleanor Joanne Daley In Remembrance (Sing On)
Daniel Elder Ballade to the Moon, 2011 (Sing On)
Steven Banks Come as you are (Cedille)
Anthony Plog Thoughts, 2011 (TSN)
David Dickau If Music be the food of love, sing on (Sing On)
John Carbon Tunes from a Tree House, 2015 (Zimbel)

March 3, 2024: From the Archives: Women's Work 2022

Gwyneth Walker La Luz (4Tay)
Gabriela Lena Frank Four Folk Songs, 2012 (Tria)
Katy Agocs Queen of Hearts, 2017 (Tria)
Patrice Michaels Epilogue from The Long View, Questions Answered (4Tay)

December 31, 2023: Dreamweavers

Arvo Pärt Cantique des degrés, 1999-2002 (ECM)
Ola Gjeilo Dreamweavers (Decca)
Jenni Brandon The Sky Between Us (Cat CD)

December 24, 2023: Into the Light

Ola Gjeilo Winter Light (Decca)
Ola Gjeilo Stone Rose (Decca)
Ola Gjeilo Ingen Vinner Frem Til Den Evige (Decca)
Kevin Keller Into the Light; Reflection (ZMPL)
Roger Davidson Livets Moder (Soundbrush)
Arvo Pärt Greater Antiphons I – VII, 1988-2015 (ECM)
Arvo Pärt Veni Creator, 2006-2009 (ECM)
Arvo Pärt Vater unser, 2005/2019 (ECM)

December 17, 2023: Earth Prayers

Augusta Read Thomas Angel Tears & Earth Prayers, 2006 (Nimbus)
Augusta Read Thomas Venus Enchanted for solo cello, 2016 (Nimbus)
Arvo Pärt Sequentia, 2014-15 (ECM)
Arvo Pärt L’abbé Agathon, 2004-2008 (ECM)
Arvo Pärt Littlemore Tractus, 2000-2002 (ECM)

December 10, 2023: Music from the Heart of New York (Part II)

Daniel Thomas Davis What if we’re beautiful, 2023 (Hub New Music)
Diane Jones Kumara (Kumara)
Ryan Chase lake effects, 2023 (SNM)
River Crossing (Kumara)

December 3, 2023: Music from the Heart of New York (Part I)

Sally Lamb McCune Blest be the dear uniting love, 2020
Ping Jin Southern Air, 2023 (SNM)
Marc Mellits David, 2023 (SNM)
Natalie Draper Evolutions, 2022 (SNM)
Michael "Doc" Woods rakinda howze, 2020 (SNM)

November 26, 2023: Music of Chants (or Chance?)

Guy Klucevsek Music of Chants, 2015 (Starkland)
Sarah Kirkland Snider Pale as Centuries, 2011 (fivebyfive)
Justin Dello Joio Due per Due, 2011 (Bridge)
Brian Field Four by Four (Olim)
Brian Field Oliana's Dream of the Sea (Olim)
Marc Mellits Dreadlocked (fivebyfive)
Guy Klucevsek Winter is an Etching, 2022 (Starkland)

November 19, 2023: Hopes Dies Last

Brian Field String Quartet No. 1: IV (Olim)
Edwin McLean Sonata No. 3 for Solo Harpsichord, 2015 (ARCD)
Amy Nam ... of breath and fire, 2021 (fivebyfive)
Guy Klucevsek Industrious Angels Finale, 2010 (Starkland)
Guy Klucevsek Prelude No. 2, 2018 (Starkland)
Guy Klucevsek Hope Dies Last, 2020 (Starkland)
Kari Telstad Sundet Dreams of Glass and Water, 2022 (fivebyfive)
Evan Williams Heavy, 2016 (fivebyfive)

November 12, 2023: The Road

Guy Klucevsek Slango, 2020 (Starkland)
Avner Dorman Astrolatry, 2011 (BMOP)
Edwin McLean Sonata No. 2 for 2 Harpsichords, 2014 (ARCD)
Daniel Thomas Davis Three Winged Wisdom, 2018 (UlyssesArts)
Guy Klucevsek Flying Vegetables for the Apocalypse, revised 2022 (Starkland)

November 5, 2023: Incantations

Edwin McLean Incantations, 2005 (ARCD)
Guy Klucevsek Hornpipe (Starkland)
Avner Dorman Uriah: The Man the King Wanted Dead, 2009 (BMOP)
Avner Dorman Ellef Symphony, 2000 (BMOP)
Ola Gjeilo Autumn; The North (Decca)

October 29, 2023: Music by Living Americans

Avner Dorman Siklòn, 2015 (BMOP)
Jennifer Higdon String Poetic - Blue Hills of Mist (Troy)
Avner Dorman After Brahms, 2015 (BMOP)
Justin Dello Joio Blue and Gold Music, 2009 (Bridge)
Avner Dorman Sonata No. 1 (Troy)
John Burke Fuga del Sur (ODR)

October 22, 2023: Music for Friends

Christopher Cresswell All that’s left is dirt and sky (New Focus)
Alexandre Lunsqui Two Patches (New Focus)
Louis Karchin Processions, 2021 (Bridge)
Justin Dello Joio Oceans Apart, 2022 (Bridge)
Reena Esmail Darshan (Raag Charukeshi) (Troy)

October 15, 2023: Justice for All?

Jennifer Jolley Prisoner of Conscience (New Focus)
John Liberatore Hold Back Thy Hours (New Focus)
Ernani Aguiar Convite ao amigo Cristiano Ribeiro from his Meloritmias: No. 5 (Navona)
Osvaldo Lacerda Toccata from Appassionato, Cantilena e Toccata for viola and piano (Navona)

October 8, 2023: Catch (love) Somewhere

Alexandre Lunsqui Solis, 2019 (New Focus)
John Liberatore Catch Somewhere (New Focus)
David Lang love fail, 2012 (Innova)

October 1, 2023: Buddha Passion, Acts 1–3

Tan Dun Passion, 2019, Acts I-III (excerpts) (Decca)

September 24, 2023: The Seasons

David Biedenbender Solstice, 2018 (BGR)
Ping Jin Blooming Time, 2023
Laura Steenberge The Four Winds (New Focus)
Tan Dun Buddha Passion, 2019, Act I, Scene 1 (Decca)

September 17, 2023: Playing for Our Lives

Leonard Bernstein Meditation I and Meditation II (Signum)
David Biedenbender Red Vesper, 2014 (BGR)
Gerald Cohen Playing for Our Lives (Innova)
Steve Carpenter Grand Recessional

September 10, 2023: Watch Over Us

Tsippi Fleischer The Gown of Night, 1988 (Neuma)
David Biedenbender Shell & Wing, 2018 (Blue Griffin)
Nathalie Joachim Watch Over Us (Blue Griffin)
Betty Olivero Bashrev, 2004 (Neuma)
Natalie Draper Evolutions (SNM)

September 3, 2023: Rest These Hands

Paul Ben-Halm Toccata, 1943 (Neuma)
Anna Clyne Rest These Hands (Blue Griffin)
Rodion Schedrin Cardil, from "Dead Souls," 1976 (Signum)
Eve Beglarian Well-Spent, 2011 (Blue Griffin)
Oded Zehavi Wire, 1986 (Neuma)
Ari Ben-Shabetai Three Romances, 1986: 3 (Neuma)

August 27, 2023: Tooth and Nail

Javier Farias Andean Suite (NewFocus)
Missy Mazzoli Tooth & Nail (Blue Griffin)
Jason Cavanagh Solo, I. Turmoil & II: Easement, 2023 (SNM)
Jaclyn Breeze Flight for solo violin, 2023 (SNM)
Samuel Evans Immortal Sails, 2023 (SNM)
Emmanuel Sikora Symphony for Organ in d, 2023 (SNM)

August 20, 2023: Premieres

Jake Heggie Overture (DGG)
Bryce Dessner Quintet for High Srings, 2018 (New Focus)
Ben Verdery About to Fall, 2022 (New Focus)
Ben Verdery A Giant Beside You, 2021-22 (New Focus)
Samuel Evans The Gravitational Wayfarer, 2023 (SNM)
Gregg Welcher Etude for Piano on Arpeggios & Leaps, 2023 (SNM)
Gregg Welcher Night Sketch, 2023 (SNM)
Emmanuel Sikora Fantasy on the "Death of Faust," 2023 (SNM)

August 13, 2023: Serenades

John Carbon Madeleines, 2016, 1-5 (Convivium)
Danaë Vlasse Serenade of Verlaine (MSR)
Tan Dun Double Concerto, 2021 (DG)

August 6, 2023: Voyagers

Jeffrey Kaufman Paterson, 2018 (4Tay)
Gerald Cohen Voyagers, 2017 (Innova)

July 30, 2023: Songs and Stories

Brian Simalchick neversink & lone tree, 2023, from OVERLOOKS II (SNM)
Martin A. Sedek Portraits of Van Gogh, 2018 (4Tay)
Gerald Cohen Preludes & Debka, 2001 (Innova)
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